Beautiful Places To Travel In The World

20 Beautiful Places to Travel in the World – Why Every American Should Visit

World Tourist Spots

Beauty lies in every country as every nation has its own culture and tradition that are worth enough to visit and watch. As the tour industry is growing with the passage of time people especially the American’s who want to watch domestic as well as foreign places

for the sake of travel quest. There are several alluring places around the globe but we are going to highlight 20 places every American should see. Here is the list of 20 Beautiful Places to Travel in the World and why should you visit.

Las Vegas The Energetic world Tour Place

20 Beautiful Places to Travel in the World

Before going to see the foreign sights Vegas is the must watch place among the 20 places every American should see. This rock and roll city presents an amazing mixture of high pulse life as well as relaxed tone of life. Once you are here and you will find the real magic of the beauty of life.

Carmel, Monterey County, California


20 Beautiful Places to Travel in the World

This is the best spot among the 20 places every American should see. Spread over sandy beaches and glamorous out the place is rich in romantic guesthouses and inns. Here the summer season is nothing but a love season in its true sense.


London they Symbol of Love , England

20 Beautiful Places to Travel in the World

A dream land of many people from the entire world to live work and visit and is one of the 20 most beautiful places in the world. A center of cultural heritage, London has an amazing structure, a large chain of foods and picaresque view of river Thames, is must visit a place.

Paris The City of Fragrance, France

Paris The City of Fragrance

An out and out romantic city with ample amount of enjoyments and visiting places attracts a large chunk of people every year. A ride along river seine, enjoying of picturesque bridges, a beautiful glimpse of Eiffel tower and all night entertainment will make you stun.

Venice The Great City, Italy

Venice, Italy

Stood over a large number of canals this city is called the city of love as it has an astonishingly romantic tone which will compel the visitor to dance upon its magical tone. A long walk or romantic chat along with your favorite canal, a candlelight dinner and live entertainment are some of the magical elements the city offers.

Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam, Netherland

It is, no doubt, one of the best European cities and among the 20 places every American should see. A ride in its long spread canal and an evening drink on the bank of the canal are the real attractions of this place.

Lake District, England

Lake District, England

A home of sensational natural beauty Lake District attracts a large number of people. A startling outlook of nature, lush green trees, miraculous literary sense and scenic sights always run through the place making it a paradise on earth.

Budapest, Central Hungary

Budapest, Central Hungary

Buda and Pest, the two distinct halves of the Hungarian capital, cling tightly together on either side of the river Danube. The atmospheric, narrow streets of the Paris of the East are perfect for strolling, and Margaret Island, the heart of the Danube, makes for a charming, romantic excursion.

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada

If a vacation to Europe is a bit difficult task then the Quebec City is one of the best vacation spots for couples as it has all the flavors of romance and beauty. Quebec City, one of the oldest in North America, is rich in charm and culture, European Architecture and a number of good restaurants. Why it is the best vacation spot for couples, simply, because it is near to home and amazingly affordable.

Tulum, Mexico (Beautiful Places to Travel in the World)

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is becoming a center for travelers as well as love couples and, here, Tulum is the best vacation spot for couples. This place offers the visitors an ample amount of enjoyment including rocky beaches, historical ruins, amazingly startling calmness, and romantic cliffs. Having a lover/beloved along with the musical tone of this place you will find yourself on cloud number nine.

Aruba, Caribbean (Beautiful Places to Travel in the World)

Aruba, Caribbean1

The magical scenic shores of Aruba are the center of interest in the Caribbean for the love birds. This place is the only one that provides the musical mixture of daytime activities, nightlife, and world class dining. Here you can not only enjoy the colorful life and but also can explore the natural beauty, it’s up to you guys.

Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia

It is the sweetest spot among the 20 places every American should see. Having clear blue water and by providing a late night dinner on shores this one is the first choice of the honeymoon goers.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1

A home of a number of activities has its charm as a romantic city with a flavor of upbeat tone. The melodious nights and crafty food provide a room for enjoyment whenever and wherever you want.

Islamabad, Pakistan (Best Beautiful Places to Travel in the World)

Islamabad, Pakistan


Stood second in terms of beautiful capitals of the entire world Islamabad is the heart of Pakistan. A slow and smooth pace of life with the mixture of a little bit overloads, phenomenal hilly sights, hilarious scenic spots and the rare beauty of Faisal Mosque are the center of attraction.

Nice, French Riviera, France

Nice, French Riviera, France

With a cosmopolitan outlook, this city is the perfect one among the 20 places every American should see. A fashionable life, luxury stores, colorful nights and Course Saleya flower market can and attract a large number of people.

Bali, Indonesia (Beautiful Places to Travel in the World)

Bali, Indonesia 1

A tropical paradise with a distinct Hindi culture and village outlook this place is the coolest one among the 20 places every American should see. The island of Bali has so much that will provide you a mystic experience for life time such as lush green highlands, inviting beaches, rice fields, and prodigious resort hotels.

Shanghai, China (Top Beautiful Places to Travel in the World)

Shanghai, China

It is an out of the way experience as this one provide a hectic and energetic vision of life along with many romantic and relaxing elements to explore. It is the only place where you find an unparallel mixture of life elements such as hasty life, old tradition, peaceful parks and gardens and pleasing shores.

Rhodes, Greece (Beautiful Places to Travel in the World)

Rhodes, Greece

Located on south Aegean Rhodes Island is a place that not only rich in ancient history but also ideal for lovers treat. The pearls view in the sea, the unique valley of the Butterflies and free walk down the street are full of charm and marvel.

Kyoto, Japan1

Do not forget this as this is a must visit place among the 20 places every American should see. Dinner in the restaurants over the River Kamo and a glimpse of the old Kyoto will let you enter into a utopian land of beauty and pleasure.

Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea and Sinai, Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea and Sinai, Egypt

The dramatic coastline of Na’ama Bay on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula makes a stunning backdrop for a romantic escape. Here you can find and enjoy both the loud and relax tone of life comparatively.

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