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England, Scotland , Northern Ireland and Wales – that is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or United Kingdom, or UK – are among the most fascinating destinations in Europe. For the travelers who are passionate about art and

culture and among those looking for the best destinations for shopping or clubbing, both – still – among those who want to perfect or study English. Here is our guide to the 15 best vacation spots in the UK for couples, 15 beautiful British cities to enjoy in every season.

1 London (the Best Tour spot for Couples)


And from where could the exploration of the most beautiful British cities start, if not from London? Capital of the United Kingdom, England – and, after all, one of the cultural capitals of the western world and among the largest cities in the world – London is a destination to visit over and over again for romantic couples. A lifetime is not enough to discover everything about this fabulous British and cosmopolitan city!

From the most obvious attractions – Big Ben , the London Eye, London Bridge, Westminster Cathedral – to unbridled shopping in the flea markets (try the classics, to start with: Portobello Road and Camden Lock ) and in the posh warehouses and trendy in the world, from concerts in the big arenas to the nightlife of the most exclusive clubs, from the new retreated hipster neighborhoods (like Brick Lane, full of little shops) to the timeless charm of the center, to the biggest museums in the world.

London is always the one, which is the best among the best vacation spots in the UK for couples, always the same and always different.

2 Edinburgh (the Best Lover Place to Visit)

Best Tour spot for Couples

Obviously, from London continue the ranking of the 15 best vacation spots in the UK for couples with the capital of Scotland, one of the most fascinating cities in Europe (not surprisingly, it also hosts Sky scanner’s headquarters!) With its historic center which combines medieval past and industrial revolution with new contemporary architecture.

Orienting in the center of Edinburgh is quite easy: the Royal Mile , the famous artery of (in fact) a mile long connects, uphill, the brand new Scottish Parliament (designed by the Spanish architect Enric Miralles in 2004) with the ancient Edinburgh Castle- two must-see attractions if you’re in town.

Along the Mile, shops, restaurants, museums, and the stunning St. Giles Cathedral! Our advice! Go down along Victoria Street and head for Grass market, a market where you can eat well (and go shopping). A few steps from the square, around a small street overlook numerous shops and second-hand bookshops.

3 Glasgow (the home of the Industrial Revolution)

Best Tour spot for Couples

The other great city of Scotland – the largest, in fact, with its six hundred thousand inhabitants – is Glasgow. Glasgow is often forgotten by the list of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom, but wrongly. Certainly, his past of the Industrial Revolution is very present, and the center – with the large marble palaces, austere and regular – has perhaps the charm of Edinburgh.

Yet, Glasgow is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the UK, a small London with regard to the music scene (from here come bands like Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, Primal Scream) and clubbing. And, anyway, the attractions are not lacking: the Barras market is unmissable, lively and authentic, ideal for low-cost purchases.

4 Cardiff (Best Tour spot for Couples)


Cardiff is the capital of small Wales, one of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom (together with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland). Obviously, therefore, include Cardiff in our list of the most beautiful cities in Britain!

Of course, even more so, why is Cardiff a small big city (or a large, small city?) On a human scale which has been able to renew its mining and harbor past, becoming a center of culture and events. What to see in Cardiff? Well, the Castle, of course: or rather, the castles, in the plural, which here certainly are not lacking. The National Museum of Wales!

But one of the pulsating hearts of the new Cardiff is Roald Dahl Plass, the large square dedicated to the great writer for children (one of the local glories), overlooked by the Wales Millennium Center – a space for the performing arts – and the National Assembly of Wales, and where outdoor concerts are held.

5 Belfast (the Capital of Northern Ireland)


And finally, the last of the UK capitals, right on our list of cities to see absolutely in Britain: it is Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Often overshadowed by Dublin , capital of the Irish Republic, Belfast certainly deserves a visit, also as a base for exploring the surroundings.

Set off from the Cathedral Quarter, Belfast’s liveliest district and head out for Belfast’s famous murals, once associated with clashes between Catholics and Protestants. But today a simple and colorful testimony to the city’s past. A museum among the many! The futuristic Titanic Museum, dedicated to the most famous ship in the world, which was built in Belfast!

6 Bath (UK’s most popular tourist city for couples)


Tired of the big cities? Bath is the one for you. The south-west town of England is one of Britain’s most beautiful destinations, and one of the UK’s most popular tourist cities as well as among best vacation spots in the UK for couples, a UNESCO heritage site for over a quarter of a century.

As the name suggests, the city was known in antiquity for its thermal waters, which induced the Romans to settle in the area, during their colonization of the British Isles.

The Roman baths are well preserved and can be visited, and what’s better after a day around museums (lots of those in the city) to rest … right at the spa? Tradition has not gone out of fashion, and the Baths of Bath I’m still in full function! London is just an hour and a half away by train!

7 Brighton (the seaside resort of couples)


Are you in London and want to visit another English city with a simple trip out of town which is among best vacation spots in the UK for couples? Brighton is one of the most effective solutions. Less than an hour by train from the English capital, Brighton is in fact the seaside resort of Londoners.

It is a colorful city (rare for English cities!), Pleasant and full of young people: it is also home to universities and art schools, and a favorite destination for students who come to England to study English. The attraction not to be missed!

The famous Brighton Pier, the spectacular Victorian pier, one of the favorite tourist destinations of Great Britain: it is the pride of the seafront, crowded with bars and restaurants. The right place to start (and finish) the evening!

8 Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Best Tour spot for Couples)


The capital of the North of England, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (for friends, is only Newcastle!) Has been affirming itself in recent years as one of the most beautiful and fascinating English cities and one of the best vacation spots in the UK for couples, thanks to the large student population.

Thanks to the re-conversion of some old port warehouses and factories on the River Tyne in contemporary art centers, and to the construction of the fabulous Sage, a concert hall in Gates’s head (the “twin” city of Newcastle, on the other side of the river), Newcastle in The last few years has always been at the top of the rankings of the most livable and popular cities in the UK.

The historic center is lively, and so is the area around the river. And in the surroundings, do not miss a visit to Hadrian’s Wall, the spectacular fortification built by the Roman emperor through the north of England.

9 Liverpool (Best Tour spot for Couples)


Liverpool, a port and former industrial city at the mouth of the river Mersey, is synonymous with one thing for the whole world – and only one: the Beatles! Of course, the city is pleasant and deserves its place among the 15 best cities in the United Kingdom, even for its historic center. But the bulk of its charm and the tourism it attracts are linked to the Fab Four and their songs.

So, start from the Beatles Story, the port museum dedicated to the band. In the evening, pay a visit to the Cavern Club, the first place where the Beatles performed: rebuilt, today it still hosts concerts, and often very faithful cover bands of the four barons.

For the more fans, a tour of the Beatles places is a must, from the birthplace of the four to Penny Lane, to Strawberry Field … You will easily find an organized tour, but – if you have the resourcefulness and a satellite navigator on your phone – you can even do it yourself!

10 Manchester the Best Sports Vacation Spot (Best Tour spot for Couples)


Liverpool is the Beatles. Manchester is the Oasis, the Smiths, the Stone Roses, the Chemical Brothers, and the Simply Red – even the Take that come from here! Manchester is not, probably, other beautiful English cities in terms of architecture, but compensates for everything with its lively character and the music scene and clubs has become one of the best vacation spots in the UK for couples.

It’s a young city for young couples: the many record stores testify to it, second only to the vintage hipster store! Do not you care about all this? Well, Manchester is also one of the capitals of English football, with two of the strongest and most historic Premier League teams, the City and United.

Here is the National Football Museum, which traces the history and the champions of the most loved sport in the world!

11 Inverness (A gateway to the natural paradise for couples)


It is perhaps less obvious choice, among the 15 most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. Ok, Inverness does not have the charm of Edinburgh or other cities in Scotland . But it is a very nice and pleasant destination, and above all it is the starting point to explore the fabulous Loch Ness, the Ness Lake – home of Nessie, the most famous monster in the world.

From Inverness, by renting a car (or participating in a tour) you can also easily reach the Orkney Islands. A true paradise for nature and animal lovers (including Loch Ness monsters.

12 Bristol (A city of Georgian and Victorian architecture)Bristol

Famous for its Georgian and Victorian architecture, Bristol earns the palm of one of England’s most beloved and most beautiful cities. Local laws! Street art, the music scene (Bristol is the capital of trip hop), cider and more.

Not to be missed in the city are the Cathedral, the spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of Bristol’s icons, the Berkeley Castle and its gardens, for a touch of medieval romance!

And if you prefer ships to the ancient manors, at the port of Bristol you can see and visit some splendid examples of the English seafaring art, comfortably moored for the benefit of tourists.

13 Canterbury The place to visit for Poetic Couples (A city of Chaucer’s Tales of Canterbury)


Canterbury is the city of the famous Tales of Canterbury, written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the fourteenth century. If you add the Roman past, you will not struggle to understand why Canterbury has earned rightfully the place among the most beautiful cities of Britain and England.

The Canterbury Cathedral is perhaps the most beautiful of England, and certainly one of the most famous. Together with the Abbey of Sant’Agostino and the Church of San Martino it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And nature lovers will not be disappointed, as London is not so far … Just Howards Wild Animal Park is located just outside Canterbury, in beautiful Kent County., which houses 450 endangered animals.

14 York (the old ‘New York’ of the world)


Of course, the “new” York in the United States is more famous than the “old” … But York , the capital of Yorkshire (in turn the capital of the famous Yorkshire Pudding , among the most loved food in England) is really fascinating.

And just because it is old: from the Roman past (the ancient Eboracum) was later conquered by the Vikings (do not miss the Jorvik Viking Center, an interactive and multimedia archaeological museum dedicated to this part of the city’s past).

Today it has the fascinating and somewhat spooky aspect of a medieval town, perfect for walking. Impossible not to see the Gothic Cathedral: after all, it is the largest in England.

15 Cambridge (A symbol of Education)Cambridge

On the banks of the river Cambridge raises the city of the same name, among the most famous cities of England especially for the University. The University of Cambridge – together with the “rival” Oxford – is among the most prestigious academies on the planet.

Many of the attractions are in some way related to the University’s past: the Botanic Garden of the University of Cambridge , beautiful green lung just 80 kilometers from the chaos of London, King’s College , or Corpus Christi College with the brand new – and wacky – Corpus Clock, a clock that marks the exact time only … every five minutes! The physics star Stephen Hawking inaugurated it in 2008.

A symbol of the irregularity and subjectivity of the perception of time, which you will experience as you stroll through the presents via Cambridge or along King’s Parade, is truly regal (as the name suggests). After all, you’re not here to give exams!

Last Words

These are the best spots in UK that every travel lover must explore at least once in his entire life.

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