12 vacation spots for women solo traveling

Places to Travel Alone

Traveling alone is fun and one of the experiences to be done at least once in a lifetime to the best vacation spots for women solo traveling. Take a few days off work, unplug,

pack a suitcase and fly somewhere in the world, to immerse yourself in colorful universes, fascinating traditions and cultures to discover at your own pace, meet new travel mates and return home with new indelible stimuli and memories.

Women are curious, courageous travelers who are always ready to put themselves to the test, whether to venture on a journey to distant lands , or to “discover” unexplored places full of history. Taking this into account, we have selected 12 perfect countries if you are a woman and want to organize a trip alone. Here are the 12 best vacation destinations to travel alone for women in which you lose and find at the same time.

PORTUGAL (the best place for solo visit for girls)


  • A perfect country with best visiting places for female travelers who love sunny places, full of tradition and music, is considered the heart of attractions.
  • Then fly to Lisbon, taking advantage of the flight prices that in the first half of 2016 were 20% cheaper than in 2011, and let you be carried away by the bewitching notes of a fado, the song of the Moors.
  • In the city explore the alleys of the Bairro Alto, or those of the old Alfama, and choose one of the “Case de Fado” for nostalgic nights, to be savored alone and to remember for life. The day after! Tour on the famous tram 28 and stop at the Belém district.

2 NEW ZEALAND (the safe spot to travel for young girls)

NEW ZEALAND (the safe spot to travel for young gir

  • Are you ready to visit a magical country and the safe home for solo traveling for young girls? Get ready to follow Frodo’s footsteps in Middle-earth because the film adventure of the mythical hobbit, the result of Tolkien’s fantasy, was set right here.
  • New Zealand, in fact, has become the favorite set of the film The Lord of the Rings. North Island and South Island form this place of wonders where glacial mountains, desert beaches, forests and spectacular fjords create a true earthly paradise.
  • You will find yourself riding on green “carpets”, you will face steep cliffs and you will have to stop over and over again to admire the beauty of Nature, which here reigns supreme. The only sore point: about 30 hours of flight and jet lag.

3 CZECH REPUBLIC ( best vacation spots for women solo traveling)


  • Back in Europe, in a country that attracts thousands of tourists every year. You will have no trouble getting to know other travelers on your way, especially if the final destination will be the beautiful Prague.
  • A small “bonbonnière” that, like cities like Rome and Paris, offers a myriad of attractions starting from the Astronomical Clock, the Castle and the Charles V Bridge.
  • In addition to the classic monumental itineraries, the capital boasts a truly exceptional underground scene and here clubbing is really fashionable. Enjoy the peace of the day and the lively nightlife, but do not overdo it.

4 HUNGARY (most amazing place to travel alone)

HUNGARY (most amazing place to travel alone)

  • Hungary … there was no better for a solo trip in total relaxation. If you feel the need to relax your body and mind, your medicine is called Budapest, one of the most amazing spots for girls to hang out alone.
  • From the lucky soil of the Hungarian capital, also known as the “city of the baths”, beneficial water gushes out, famous for its healing effects, which gave life to the many thermal baths of the city.
  • Then, dear globetrotters, stop in one of the spas in Budapest: among the best known and biggest in Europe, those of Széchenyi stand out, composed of outdoor and indoor pools and also famous for the chess games to play in the water with the locals.

5 CANADA (the real paradise for girl’s solo vacation)

CANADA (the real paradise for girl’s solo vacation)

  • There are countries where civilization has no borders, hospitality is touched by hand and beauty explodes in every corner. One of these is Canada, an immense land of breathtaking nature, characterized by cities on a human scale and landscapes that leave their mark … in the soul!
  • Here you will feel protected, even between bears and wolves. But even strong emotions are not lacking and are rediscovered into the wild. So do not miss out on an excursion to the Rockyes, the Rockies.
  • You leave for Alberta for some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, like Lake Louise, and take photos as fast as you can.One must conduct a canoe ride on your own, for an experience in contact with nature and with yourself.
  • The best destination for girls to travel alone as well as the real paradise is Canada and Canada alone.

6 JAPAN (a soulful place to hang out alone for girls)

JAPAN (a soulful place to hang out alone for girls)

  • The Japan is, no doubt, best vacation destinations to travel alone for women, a futuristic goal and at the same time rich in tradition. Only here you can move on high-speed trains suspended in the void, sleep in five-star mega plastic hotels and taste the classic dishes of the Orient, such as sushi, ramen and tempura.
  • If you can arrange a visit in the spring, you can admire the incredible Hanami , the cherry blossom that colors a thousand shades of pink the long avenues of big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto .
  • A true spectacle for the eyes, which you can capture from March to May with your magical camera!



  • The Chile will captivate you because, from north to south, is a country rich in completely different landscapes between them: deserts, glaciers, islands and cities.
  • Santiago, the capital, big and chaotic, but also full of attractions and unique views, should definitely be visited. Here is the Parque Metropolitano , an endless green area (over 7kmq) and one of the largest parks on the planet Earth, in which, from the town hill called Cerro San Cristóbal , on sunny days you can also admire the peaks snow covered in the Andes.
  • In the capital, however, as in all other cities, it is better to avoid peripheral areas, especially at night, and always pay the utmost attention, especially in parks (even those in the city).



  • The Slovenia is a neighboring land, rich in green spaces and very quiet. In this placid country life flows slowly and the rhythm is given by nature, alpine and Mediterranean at the same time.
  • Here you will find unique attractions such as the Postojna Cave and the Julian Alps. But in the first place there is the wonderful Lake of Bled which, believes it, will not leave you indifferent and will be the architect of your complete relaxation.
  • Do healthy rowing or take a bike and circumnavigate his circumnavigate. If you love breathtaking views, climb the Grajski Grič hill and enjoy the view of the romantic little island with its church. Unique care: the right sports equipment!



  • The African sunsets will warm your heart if you ever feel alone during your adventure. But with a trip to Botswana you will struggle to think of anything else but the beauties that will fill your eyes: deserts, parks, rivers and a myriad of animal species will be in front of you with a beautiful photographic safari in the Chobe Park.
  • This is not the largest and most famous nature reserve in Africa, but certainly the richest in terms of flora and fauna. You will be left gaping when you will see around your off-road elephants, giraffes, wild beasts, lions; gazelles etc.
  • As with all the more adventurous journeys, if you are a novice traveler, choose a tour with a local guide to enjoy the scenery in peace.


10 ICELAND (a picturesque spot for girls who travel alone)ICELAND (a picturesque spot for girls who travel alone)


  • Majestic waterfalls, explosive geysers, the striking dance of sparkling ice blocks in the glacial lake Jökulsárlón, the magic of the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer, this and much more make a trip to Iceland unforgettable!
  • A paradise for nature lovers, but also an island of peace for those looking for a break from a chaotic routine! Reykjavik, then, reserves colorful houses, examples of design, local crafts, as well as excellent food and a vibrant nightlife!
  • Before returning to the airport, stop at the Blue Lagoon, where you can soak in hot water with sulfur masks on your face, while you admire the landscape of black rocks and azure waters.

ROMANIAbest vacation spots for women solo traveling


  • History, culture, mystery! The Romania is a country to discover step by step and that gives breathtaking views, from green mountains disseminate the country and its famous road Transfagarasan.
  • The most coveted travelers can travel by car (it is only open during the summer months) up to the spectacular glacial lake Balea, at 2034 meters, where there is also the famous Ice Hotel. This is also the land of vampires, do not forget it. Well yes, here lived Dracula.
  • After a visit to the capital Bucharest, go to Transylvaniaand enter the castle of the bloodthirsty count, to begin a literally scary itinerary. But you are brave, are not you?

QATAR (the sweet heart of Arabian culture)best vacation spots for women solo traveling


  • Another country of great charm is Qatar and one of the most beautiful places to stop is its magnificent capital Doha. Pack a scarf, long-sleeved shirt and long skirt or trousers – respecting the Islamic culture of the neck, shoulders and knees must be kept covered – and start your visit.
  • A stop not to be missed is the Museum of Islamic Art: it preserves the best of the culture of Islam, with a spectacular view from the courtyard: the futuristic city skyline framed by marvelous stone arches.
  • After a walk along the Corniche, aim the compass towards the Suk, the traditional market animated by the scents of spices and the screams of street vendors who are busy during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Have fun trading in the desks and do not miss the falconers. Remember that you can consume alcohol and pork only in hotels and tourist clubs and, before taking a photo of the locals, ask them for permission.

Get ready and don’t be shy because the world is waiting for you ladies just step out and catch the ball. These are the 12 best vacation destinations to travel alone for women which offer a magical charm that fills the hearts of millions of girls all around the globe.

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