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Cheap Vacation Spots for Couples in the UK

Romantic Vacations Spots

The UK is one of the best destinations as well as the first choice for travel lovers. Here one can easily observe the true charm of romance and the magic of love which is very special to the lovers. Hence, we came up with ideal spots for couples in the UK

with a low budget. We are just trying our level best to explore and present to you the vacation package that is affordable to every couple. Everyone is asking Where is the best place for couples to vacation?. Here is the list of cheap vacation spots for couples in the UK.

1 Whit stable, Kent (best vacation spot for couples)

Whit stable, Kent (best vacation spot for couples)
Whit stable, Kent (best vacation spot for couples)
  • I am always fascinated by the beauty and the romantic spots for couples of UK. There are so many cities to visit in England, and the one I prefer when I want to go to the beach is definitely Whit stable, located 30 minute drive from Canterbury.
  • Whit stable is a cute city on the sea with a classic charm and an hour’s train ride from London. You can spend the weekend away from the chaos of the city.
  • Taste the local oysters and lobsters in one of the beach bars before taking a walk on the water’s edge.
  • Harbor Street is full of little shops and places to eat like, for example, Crab & Winkle!

2 The New Forest (a Perfect Destination for Couples)The New Forest (a Perfect Destination for Couples)

  • I’ve been lucky to spend all my life in this part of the UK and it’s really beautiful, I assure you! Located just two hour drive from London is the perfect destination for anyone looking to see the most beautiful places in the UK.
  • From the moment you enter the New Forest National Park, you will be surrounded by a lush forest and you can make numerous walking or cycling routes.
  • You will see animals spin free: horses, cows, and even the occasional pig. It is one of the best spots for couples in UK where love prevails everywhere.
  • New Forest is made up of numerous small villages and towns worth visiting: Burley, Lyndhurst, Lymington and Beaulieu.
  • Once you get there is so much to see and do, I recommend hiring a bike and exploring the trails to get the most out of your trip – even better, if you stumble across some pubs.
  • Speaking of pubs, they are my biggest recommendation for food and drink, almost every city and village has one. That’s why it is the best spot among the cheap vacation spots for couple in the England.
  • If you are coming here in the summer then I would also advise you to bring a tent and camp at the weekend on one of these sites. The New Forest water park is also one of the best activities for the summer.
  • Alternatively, if you come in the colder months, dress in layers and bottles of water for a walk, then go to a pub to warm up in front of the lit fireplace.

3 Devon (the Beloved Spot in England for Couple)

Devon (the Beloved Spot in England for Couple)

  • When I feel the need for the sea, the place I prefer is Lydford Gorge in Devon. When you’re right under the White Lady waterfall, you almost feel like you’re in Bali or Mexico.
  • Take a walk at the side of the gorge and enter the famous “Calderone Del Diavolo”, where a rushing torrent has dug into the sparkling black rock, are you still sure to find yourself in England?
  • Push yourself towards Brentor, climb up to the chapel perched on top and you will have an incredible view of the whole landscape!

4 Margate, Kent (the Most Favorite Spot of Locals as well as Foreigners)

Margate, Kent (the Most Favorite Spot of Locals as well as Foreigners)
Margate, Kent (the Most Favorite Spot of Locals as well as Foreigners)
  • My favorite place in England is Isle of Thanet in Margate, on the east coast of Kent.
  • The island of Thanet has been a favorite destination for the British, but I also love to wander around the flea markets, full of retro treasures.
  • Rams gate is nearby and is the only Royal Harbor in the country, while Broad stairs is one of the best English cities on the beach.
  • You can eat fresh seafood, explore one of the 15 sandy beaches and bays, climb the chalk cliffs, or ride a bike on the Viking routes.

5 Alnwick, Northumberland

Alnwick, Northumberland
Alnwick, Northumberland
  • Among the best places to see in England, you cannot miss Alnwick, a calm and relaxing town. Beautiful countryside, fresh seafood and long beach make it the best destination for lovers in the UK and perfect for a weekend getaway!
  • There are many paths of varying difficulty to be done. For £ 7 you can hop on a boat to the Farne Islands, where you can watch hundreds of seals and seabirds perched on the rocks.
  • Do not miss the castle where some scenes of the famous Harry Potter movie have been shot. I’m sure you’ll recognize it! I love reading and if you like library mice like me do not miss Narter Books a huge bookstore. Perhaps one of the largest bookstores for second-hand books in Europe.
  • Go to Craster Seafood for some fresh seafood to be enjoyed by the sea. Alnwick is a 45-minute drive or train from Newcastle.

6 Manchester (the Industrial Hub of the World)

Manchester (the Industrial Hub of the World)
Manchester (the Industrial Hub of the World)
  • Manchester is one of the main cities of England and also one of the most beautiful. Here you will find everything you want and are perfect for the weekend!
  • The Northern Wuarter hosts some of the most beautiful graffiti and a walk through these streets is really enjoyable. Manchester is super gay-friendly and if you go to Canal Street there are a myriad of bars and nightclubs. Or you could go to Spinningfields where you will find elegant bars and lots of shops!
  • Manchester has two universities so you’ll never run out of things to do without having to spend a fortune.
  • The city really has an incredible nightlife like The Warehouse Project that is 4 months where every weekend there is a different rave not to be missed especially for the location.
  • To make brunch there are numerous vegetarian options such as at the Federal Cafe or Allotment that will help you recover the aftermath of the evening.
  • For a cheaper option, you can opt for Altrincham Market, especially their avocado toast! If you are a fan of science, go to the Jofrell Bank Observatory, where you will find the third-largest telescope in the world.
  • Do you love football? Go to Old Trafford for a Man U stadium tour.

7 Sheffield (the Shopping Hub in the UK and the Love of Girls)

Sheffield (the Shopping Hub in UK and the Love of Girls)
Sheffield (the Shopping Hub in UK and the Love of Girls)
  • The creative city of Sheffield is underestimated, there is so much to see and do! Shops everywhere! Go to the Winter Garden, a huge glass building and its right next to the Millenium Gallery, a beautiful art gallery!
  • I also love the ruins of Peveril Castle 30 minutes from the center. If you feel more fearless, the Peak District is made for you!
  • After all this walking, it’s time to refresh! Sheffield is full of students, which means that it is full of options.
  • I recommend the Great Gatsby, where you can eat and party until 3 am and the Tamper Coffee for the morning brunch.
  • Stroll through the streets and enter one of the city’s dozens of pubs and, if the weather is fine, it’s really wonderful to go to The Riverside or The Old Queens Head.
  • Completely random, but if you want to have a close encounter with llamas and alpacas go to the Mayfield Alapaca Farm in the suburbs of Sheffield!

8 York (Couples Fell in Love to this Place at Once)

York (Couples Fell in Love to this Place at Once)
York (Couples Fell in Love to this Place at Once)
  • York is one of the most beautiful cities in England and I fell in love with it!
  • Full of cafes and things to see, like the York Minister, an impressive Gothic-style cathedral that you can visit with £ 10 and immerse yourself in history and admire one of the largest glass windows in the world.
  • You must also go to The Shambles, probably the area I prefer, full of cobblestone streets, cafes and restaurants, also inspired by Diagon Alley from Harry Potter!
  • Jorvik Viking Center is one of the most interesting things here in York, a sort of museum on the history of the Vikings. It seems to travel in time!
  • Do not miss Cafe 68 Gillygate for a delicious brunch!

9 Southwold, Suffolk (the Most Popular Beach Destination)

Southwold, Suffolk (the Most Popular Beach Destination)
  • The city is one of the most popular beach destinations among the English, and not only for its colorful beach huts, but also for the slightly retro atmosphere!
  • Go to the pier and lose yourself among the countless shops and cafes, we recommend the Clockhouse for a delicious slice of cake by the sea!
  • The small market of Southwold opens from Monday to Thursday and they sell really everything: flowers, clothes, fruit, vegetables and much more.
  • If you want to do something different from the usual, go to the Adnams Brewery near the lighthouse, it is really interesting to understand how the distilleries work and here you will also have the opportunity to prepare your personal Gin.

10 Oxford (the Love of Literary Couples)

Oxford (the Love of Literary Couples)
  • Oxford may be known as the main university rival of Cambridge but this city has much more to offer. I think it’s worth exploring the university gardens especially the beautiful Bodleiana Library.
  • The university’s botanical garden is lovely and you cannot miss it, it’s a peaceful way to spend a morning before visiting the city.
  • If you want something more exciting (but still super relaxing), take a “punt”, or a boat, at the Magdalen Bridge Boathouse where you can rent one for £ 22 (5 people).
  • For a different kind of evening, go to the Oxford Playhouse, where you can watch traditional operas in an outdoor theater – but get ready for the rain!
  • If you want coffee, head to Queen’s Lane Coffee House, Europe’s oldest coffee shop, in the beautiful Queen’s Lane area.
  • Alternatively, there’s Cafe Kitty – yes, it’s a cafe where you’re surrounded by cats. It is fun and so cute!

11 Nottingham (a Place that has Everything for Couple)

Nottingham (a Place that has Everything for Couple)
  • Nottingham has everything and is so underestimated! Beautiful architecture and visit the beautiful Wollaton Hall surrounded by parks perfect for a walk.
  • Another thing you cannot miss when visiting Nottingham is the city of caves – it’s a labyrinth that dates back to the darkest historical years and offers a tour for £ 8.
  • The nightlife in Nottingham is crazy. It provides cheap premises such as Stealth, Rock City, and Rescue Rooms.
  • You are in good hands if you want to party all night. Do not miss the Alley Cafè exclusively vegetarian and vegan and often play live music. Try a vegetarian breakfast and a post-hangover smoothie!

If you are in love and have someone in your life then you must visit these cheap vacation spots for couples in the UK. Here you will find each and every piece of charm that enhances the romantic impression of your personality.

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