Romantic weekend Spots to Travel in the US

What are the best Romantic weekend Spots to Travel in the US

Romantic Vacations Spots

The question that what are the romantic places to travel in the US is no more a thing of difficulty as we are going to highlight some of the romantic places in the USA. The USA and her cities are, of course, very beautiful and alluring. Here is the list of some of the romantic places to travel in the US.
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii– Romantic weekend Spots to Travel.

What Hawaii offers, Honolulu is the best base to enjoy all. A romantic walk on warm sand, a sunbath, crushing the waves and a candlelight dining are the must do things to add a charm to your romantic trip. This one is such a sweet treat to eyes for the love birds and the honeymooners.Romantic weekend Spots to Travel

New Orleans, Louisiana

A romantic place with the chain of cafes is the place of certain beauty. It is the only place that has its own flavor of magical and sensual music along with the tipsy feeling. Couples find themselves into a reign of exploration of beauty and imagination and, of course, find a place to stay and enjoy the musical tone of this magical place.

Carmel, Monterey County, California

This dramatic and scenic ocean place is one of the romantic places to travel in the US. With its musical flavor, sandy beaches and an astonishing variety of food this place attract a large chunk of people to visit every year. This place also has many comfortable guesthouses and inns to restore the pleasure of travelers.

St Petersburg, Florida

Having the charm and calmness, that is very for couples vacations, St Petersburg is the magical beachfront in Florida. The city has a number of antique shops and booksellers to enhance the romantic flavor of the visitors. Here you can enjoy a long and calm walk, good food, the marvel sight of the sunset and colorful nights. For a weekend stay, St Petersburg is one of the best vacation spots for couples.

Las Vegas, NevadaRomantic weekend Spots to Travel

This rock and roll city is the first and the best choice for the couples and the lovers. Las Vegas is the adult playground having eccentric music, rooftop enjoyment, and all-night entertainment. Couples can enjoy the upbeat pulse in the club as well as enjoy the relax nature of romance in guesthouses and inns.

Miami Beach, Florida

Romantic vacations are incomplete unless one visits the picaresque and scenic beach of Miami. Couples find an ample amount of attractions including legendary bars, star spotting, highly delicious food and luxury shopping opportunities. With all its charming and romantic nature this place is the dreamland for the lovers of the entire world.

Maui, Hawaii – Romantic weekend Spots to Travel

This tropical paradise is the second largest island of the Hawaii and also full of attractions. The rides on curvy road and a scenic view of the State Park during the daytime and romantic sunset in the evening throw you in the land of your utopian imagination. This place has also the power to tickle your heart and mind and put an everlasting impact of pleasure.

Charleston, South Carolina – Romantic weekend Spots to Travel

It is a place which has no match as if you are not romantic then here you will become romantic and if you are romantic then here you will be the hero of romance. At this historic and beautiful place, one can find and explore an ample amount amazing marvel sights by indulging in a number of carriages voyages. Just imagine two of you and nothing else and around you a large chunk of stately squares along with scenic spots an out and out paradise where you must be.

Kauai, Hawaii – Romantic weekend Spots to Travel

This tropical paradise has everything that is the basic of a good time during the vacations for the lovers and honeymooners of the entire world. It is one of the romantic places to travel in the US. You can enjoy and take part in many activities and guess what the focus of everything is nowhere but on you. A number of sandy beaches, lush rainforests, and warm sea breezes are a real treat to eyes.

Last Word

These are some of the most romantic places to travel in the US for the couples and the honeymooners of the entire world where, we hope, you can enjoy your vacations.

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