Where To Visit In Italy In This Christmas Winter Vacations

Winter Traveling Spots

Most of the people are exploring where to visit in Italy in this Christmas winter vacations? So we are here to answer this ever asked question. Italy is the place on earth where you can enjoy all the year round. Italy is an evergreen country to visit for the people of all ages as well as all kinds. Italy, having historical places, rich cultural history, scenic places, amazing spots to shop, colorful beaches, is the first choice of the people who are winter vacation lover. Whether it is the grandeur of Room or the love of lovers the Venice or Florence the cultural icon, you find an overall impressiveness all around the country. Here is the list of some magical places of Italy every vacation lover should go at least once in his/her life. Here are the 14 cities of Italy to visit in winter vacations.

  1. Florence
  2. Dolomites
  3. Venice
  4. Umbrian Countryside
  5. Sicily
  6. Tuscany Val d’Orcia
  7. Matera
  8. Piacenza
  9. Pisa
  10. Padua
  11. Modena
  12. Turin
  13. Milan
  14. Villa Rufolo

1.     Florence is the Best Place to Visit in winter


Being the heart of architecture Florence is the real attraction for vacation lovers. Along with this the city also presents the remarkable picture of renaissance age. Florence is full of long queues of churches and museums which presents quite an amazing sight. Summer is, no doubt, the best season to enjoy the art of Florence. What here is quite interesting, it’s shopping spots. Yes, you heard it right these spots are not only amazing but also extremely affordable.

2.     The Dolomites is Famous for Young Visitor


This place has a kind of beautiful impression and is termed as one of the best spots to enjoy the summer vacation. One of the best spots for hiking in summer Dolomites is the place which does capture the soul of visitors. It is like a queen having the offerings of glittering greenery, colorful flowers, and scenic hilltops.

3.     Venice is The Place of Romantic Tourist


One place is on earth which could be called the home dreamland and it is the Venice. It is also called the sweet home of lovers as well as city of romance. The canal structure that surrounded the entire city is the soul of Venice. If you have someone in your life, someone very important then you must visit this romantic place in Italy at least once in your life.

4.     The Umbrian Countryside


This countryside is called the ‘green heart of Italy’. Here the spring is astonishing because of the variety of flowers. This place is the right choice for those who are nature lovers. Scenic sights, long fetched scenery and cool breeze are the real fascinating elements. The medieval top of Spoleto along with amazing views of the rolling and verdant countryside is the real attraction of this place.

5.     Sicily is The Great Historical Place to Visit


This city has a historic importance. Here you find an amazing blend of Roman and Greek ruins as well as culture. This island has a mysterious aura that always captures the attention of its visitors. The roads are quiet and surroundings are breezy.

6.     Tuscany Val d’Orcia


It is one of those places which are the four-season favorite. Yes, it is true but summer and spring are ideal seasons to visit this smooth and quiet place. Having a complete veil of greenery this place is a right choice to spend some leisure time with the one who is really very important. This place has all the elements of natural beauty.

7.     Matera is a Magical Town in Italy to Visit


This magical town is full of amazing alluring caves and churches as well as has the status of UNESCO World Heritage. But what is the real attraction here, the new look of the city? Yes, the outlook of the city has been changed into luxury hotels. A number of best casinos along with amazing wine offer the best package of enjoyment.

8.     Piacenza is the City of Medieval Hamlets


Piacenza is the place which adds variety to your trip in Italy. Here you can enjoy a lot of scenic views, walking tracks and the charm of medieval hamlets. Having more than 300 castles this place is called the heart of castle age. The water park has a unique attraction as well.

9.     Pisa is the Center of Attraction for Visitors


How it is possible to leave this magical city of Italy without paying a visit. Currently, Pisa has become the center of attraction for all kind of people from all over the because of its leaning church tower. And believe the leaning tower of Pisa is like a dream come true moment.

10.Padua is Picturesque City for Visitors


Having the history of 3000 years this province is full of charming layers. This place offers a magical package as here you can observe the art, music, delicious food and picturesque scenery. This one also has a number of hiking tracks and lush valleys. This is the place where you can fell the real magic of Mediterranean Sea with its alluring breeze.

11.Modena Heart of Scenic Beauty


Welcome to the heart of scenic beauty. This is one of the amazingly beautiful places around the globe. This place is rich in historic castles and museums and hence has a UNESCO World Heritage status. Apart from that this province also has amazing waterfalls, lush valleys, hiking tracks, and hamlets. The hilly spots here present the wonderful sights and adventures. This province is famous are food and cars. Remember one thing this is the food capital of Italy and you must taste the tortellini, lasagne, and lard.

12.Turin is Rich in Historic Sites


Turin is another place which is rich in historic sites as well as beauty spots. This place offers the visitors to traverse the historical towns of Ivrea, Susa and Melezet and fortresses like Forte Fenestrelle and the Forte Exile. The Gran Paradiso Park, local food, amazing wines keep the people off the hook.

13.Milan Musical City of Italy


I just want to recommend you people go and let yourself dip into the musical beauty of this city. Do not be choosy and hard just take whatever Milan gives you. Why I am asking you to just go and capture the true sense of the city of Milan because it is one of the different places on earth. Most of the time people search what is interesting in the place they are going to visit. But here in Milan the case is totally different, why, because whatever the city has is not only catch but magical. So stop thinking and just go and feel the magic of this musical place.

14.Villa Rufolo is Historical Villa for Visitor


If you are in Italy, you just cannot miss this lovely place. This historical Villa has become a sensation to the people who want to explore something different yet amazing. The German Opera composer Richard Wagner visited this Villa in 1880 and stunned by its beauty. You just cannot miss its beauty.

Last Word

Italy is, no doubt, a home of the beauty of all seasons. If you are planning your Christmas winter vacation you must touch this amazingly beautiful country.  Italy is full of colorful flowers, sweet beaches, snow hills, lush valleys, historical architecture and much more to make your vacation the best time of your life.

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